Eberron Race Tweets

Race of humanoids with doppelganger blood, can be anyone they want to be, least of all themselves.

Stalwart defenders of the Mror Hold mountains, crafters and bankers across the nation.
See also House Kundarak.

Elf, Aerenal
Worshippers of ancestors such that they have found a way to raise their dead in unlife… but in a good way.
See also Houses Phiarlan and Thurlanni

Elf, Valenar
Splintered away from their Aerenal brothers, the Valenar believe in war, glory, and that the spirits of their ancestors live on in their horses.
See also Houses Phiarlan and Thurlanni

Gregarious brokers of knowledge both mundane and arcane.
See also House Sivis.

A race in its own right from generations of breeding, the Khoravar (so they are called) are masters of the skies and detection of foul threat.
See also Houses Lyrandar and Medani.

A race in its own right from generations of breeding, half-orcs are a solitary, peaceful race.
See also House Tharashk.

¬_Barbaric nomads of the plains, halflings have harnessed the power of dinosaurs._
See also Houses Ghallanda and Jorasco.

Plentiful, adaptable, diverse, and masters of their destiny.
See also Houses Cannith, Deneith, Orien, Tharashk and Vadalis.

Wild creatures with the blood of lycanthropes, these humanoid creatures can capture the power of their bestial blood, if only for a short time.

Created for a forever-war that ended, warforged struggle to find a place in the world that never really wanted them but needed them however briefly.

Eberron Race Tweets

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