Tag: Gentleman


  • Mr. Morrowman

    The son of Auindarian nobility, Thomas Morrowman was a promising young wizard under [[:loremaster-divalen-frost | Loremaster Divalen Frost]] at the Korranburg Library. He was lost and is presumed dead when Frost was forced to abandon his anthropological …

  • Mr. Drawlight

    Albus Drawlight is a wealthy man with an interest in finding his next big business opportunity. He is particularly interested in new weapons and has been obsessed with the Day of Mourning and it's cause, not for any deeply personal reason, but for want of …

  • Mr. Widdershins (deceased)

    Mr. Widdershins is a high-born nobleman of a high-ranking noble family in Sharn. With the unflappable manners and gentile nature of a true gentleman, he is heading to the Lhazaar Principalities on a lark, to see what everyone is going on about.