Captain Audessey d'Lyrandar

Captain of the Azure Sky


Captain Audessey d’Lyrandar has flown the Azure Sky for years, during the war and after. She has flown all over the world and seen sights that most have never and will never see. It was when she flew a little too close to Argonesson that she lost her arm and eye. Lately, her adventures have been limited to ferrying those that can pay from one side of the world to the other, which while less exciting, is significantly more lucrative. She is close to being able to purchase her ship from House Lyrandar. How close, she is not telling, but most believe she is very, very close.

Tibergnosis has been her first mate for most of that time and seen her through thick and thin. His loyalty to his captain is absolute, though he does harbor some desire to be captain of his own airship someday…

Captain Audessey d'Lyrandar

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