Like Distant Thunder

Why is the city on fire?

With everyone confined to their cabins until the culprit had been caught, I spent my time keeping myself in shape. I was a bit embarrassed when the Captain Audessey came to search my room, well Mr. Rigger was the one who searched my room. I just stood outside my cabin while Mr. Rigger took delight in tearing through all of my possessions to search for the poison that killed Mr. Widdershins. After finding none, they left my room with Capt. Audessey apologizing for the inconvenience.

A little while later Capt. Audessey, first mate Tibergnosis, and Mr. Rigger came back to my room with Albus Drawlight in tow. Albus accused me of “planting the evidence” in his room. After yet another search of my things, they left my room. While speaking with Capt. Audessey, I may have implied that the culprit wouldn’t have hidden the murder weapon with his possessions. That and something else I may have said got me escorted to the captain’s cabin. It was at this time that some of the crew noticed something approaching the airship.

I was sitting in the captain’s cabin along with Mr. Drawlight and Mr. Rigger. Mr. Drawlight and I talked about the ill fated expedition to Xen’Drik that took the life of everyone except Mr. Drawlight and my father. I told him that I do not blame him, but I put the loss of my sister on my father and his ambition. Just as Mr. Rigger was going to “keep me quiet”, Mr. Drawlight stabbed him through the back. As Mr. Rigger lay there bleeding to death, Albus turned to me and asked if I was going to try to stop him. I told him I would not. He fled the cabin and made his way across the deck awaiting his rescue. A battle with wyverns covered his escape. At the conclusion of the battle, the captain informed me that I was no longer suspected of wrong-doing.

The rest of our journey by airship was uneventful, except for the nauseating smoke that got us our of our cabins. When we sought out the cause, we discovered that our destination of Regal Port was being besieged by loin-clothed barbarians using siege weapons firing bolts that also held the same “obsidian particulate” that Dr. Frost described, which he confirmed a moment later. The captain offered to drop us off or head back with her to Stormhold. We took her up on the former, which resulted in damage to her ship (I will send her monetary compensation when I get a chance). Prince Rygar, ruler of Regal Port, conscripted us to aid in the defense of a wall section. We lasted his requisite ten minutes, as well as saving four soldiers lives; however this came at the cost of Helgragar’s servant Cryado. I know very little of warforged, and less of Cryado, but I hope that the Flame has guided his soul to where it should go.


TheAlmightyBear AnthonyThanghe2013

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