Like Distant Thunder

Helgragar's Log - A Widdershindig

I should stop being so terse with Cryado; he’s helped me countless times over the years, and remains loyal regardless of the blood on my hands, but pleasantries, in earnest, is something I have yet to master.

Vees met me for the first time – I had tailed him from time to time as I knew he would be my initial contact with Frost – along with a clueless-looking Human and a Dwarf; I have to say, gleaning intelligence from the dull eyes barely seen through the matted fur on their face, has always been difficult for me, however that may be that the race as a whole lacks anything remotely civilized. It will be hard to not simply cause an accident for this one, however I’m certain if I entered within two yards of the beast, the scent would cling to me like na, and profess my blame to anyone with an olfactory sense.

We traveled through the amass of colorful swatches amongst the diminuative Gnomes to the Korranberg Library where I stepped foot in the hallways for the first time in daylight – there is always movement and it’s hard to navigate the area without being seen. Mentally mapping the entirety of our path, this party was introduced to Dr. Gair, and then to Dr. Frost himself. Gair seems competent enough as he has most likely been tending to his primary tasks as well as gnome-sitting the half-mad professor. It is here that we learned why an adventuring party was gathered.

  • Investigate what had happened to the dig.
  • Gather information on the obsidian particulate, an alchemical powder which simulates magic.
  • Bring and protect Dr. Frost, and perhaps he’ll regain some of his sanity.

It was plain to see what would not be completed on my end.

Given platinum and survival gear, we were told to tend to ourselves until we left via airship the next day. I purchased some items to restock my supplies and bided my time, attempting to come up with new strategies which began to factor in the companions I’d be forced to take.

At the air docks, I stepped foot onto my third airship, The Azure Sky, where the captain, who I suppose could have been attractive, if it wasn’t for the filthy human blood and artificial modifications made to her body, identified herself as Audessey d’Lyrandar and stated that a feast would be had in celebration of her guests in the evening. As I had time to kill, I began creating a tool for future use in my cramped cabin, only exiting my quiet space when captivating scents wafted through the ship, overpowering the stench of Dwarf which had unfortunately not left my nostrils in peace.

The dinner was quite nice. The wine was exquisite – I had scarcely had better from nobles who would never be drinking again. One dish in particular stood out to me – I couldn’t place the origin, however the flavors were almost overwhelming – this meal would certainly be a creation I must learn, as it could mask unpleasantness from some additional ingredients with ease. I briefly conversed with the first mate and world-traveled chef, Tibergnosis d’Lyrandar, in which he had agreed to share the makings at a later date.

Dinner was not simply the crew and Frost-sitters, but three others who had a prominent place at the table. The first was a minor noble of little interest by the name of Widdershins – wishing to have his his voice be heard and feigning interest in multiple cultures. Where we were travelling to and the somewhat despondent look I saw in his eyes had told me that he was running, or being maneuvered by another against his will – rich human pups rarely enter dangerous areas for other reasons; the sod had actually forced himself to laugh at a Dwarven joke.

The second individual was a Warforged, which seemed to have a feminine persona. I sent Cryado to gather information from “her”, and although tight-lipped, Squall’s interest in accompanying us, in trade of survivalist skills and knowledge of The Lhazaar Principalities could prove quite useful, however an additional set of unblinking eyes in the night could also prove problematic.

Finally, a man by the name of Drawlight. This man is obviously looking for money to pay off his sire’s gambling debts, and if he’s heard certain rumors, I would need to ensure he did not discover information to sell. The man’s sword arm is well-known and he would most likely have to be dealt with quietly if something needed to be done.

As a parting gift, I was graced with yet another bottle of the wine, most likely before even Varyeng├│le’s natural birth. This will be quite a treasure for later.

Instead of retiring immediately, I checked on Dr. Frost, who was unsurprisingly not invited to the fine feast. It was here which I discovered an insanely complex and thorough recipe for baked goods scratched on near every surface; he also was having discourse with an albatross. I can already tell that my enduring patience will be tried on this mission. I returned to my cabin for another hour or so, and I went to the deck to get an idea of the ship’s night life; seven crew members for watch and manning the vessel – although more than I would have liked given the confines of space, seven is certainly manageable.

In the morning, everyone was brought to the main deck, crew and passenger alike, to discover news of the now late Widdershins. He had been discovered dead, and the manner of death is currently thought to be poison. Things could prove interesting for me over the next few days as another player may be on board.


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