Like Distant Thunder

Flame, give me strength... part 2

The first day of our journey was uneventful (unless you count convincing Prof. Frost to use a journal for his notes and not his cabin) and was concluded with dinner in the captain’s cabin. Besides the captain; we (the elf and dwarf) were joined by the first mate Tibergnosis, Mr. Widdershins, and Albus Drawlight. The very man who told my father of the supposed creation forges in Xen’Drik and offered to cut him in on the profits, provided my father fund the expedition. I spent the remainder of the night trying to get a handle on how I felt about Mr. Drawlight. In the morning, the lovely captain Audessey announced to everyone on the ship that Mr. Widdershins had been murdered. This was going to be a long journey.


TheAlmightyBear AnthonyThanghe2013

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