Like Distant Thunder

Flame, give me strength.

I know that he has done damage to our family’s reputation, but I am really beginning to find out how bad it is. After yet another delivery of yet another pointless message, I thought I had been given a serious assignment. Bishop Turin’s assignment for me was to travel to the Gnomish city of Korranberg, via a house Orion teleportation station, to meet up with a valet named Vees. I met up with Vees the Valet right outside the Orion station, and headed toward the Library of Korranberg. On the way we met up with a dwarf named Ulbright, representative of House Kundarak. After a bit of pointless conversation, we continued toward the Library. There we met up with an elf named Helgragar and his “valet” Cyrado. There we were told of our objective, to travel to the Lhazaar Principalities with the “esteemed” Dr. Frost and discover what it was that happened to him and his expedition. We were to depart Korranberg via the Azure Sky, an elemental bound airship.

More to come later…


TheAlmightyBear AnthonyThanghe2013

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